disc_audio (disc_audio) wrote in martini_time,

Colorado's newest and only tiki bar!

Denver's newest and only tiki bar, Tiki Boyd's (at E.C.B.), features Polynesian décor, hanging lanterns, colored lights, an assortment of traditional and unique tiki drinks and of course, tiki music from exotica greats such as Martin Denny, Les Baxter and Arthur Lyman.

Great attention to detail has been put into every inch of Tiki Boyd's. When stepping through the hanging bamboo curtains at the bar's entrance, one is met with the perfect Tiki ambiance; a melding of soft colored lights, bamboo covered walls (adorned with Tikis and black velvet paintings), the soothing sounds of exotica music, and of course, a freshly prepared fluorescent Tiki drink made to order. It's a glimpse of tropical utopia, right here in Denver, Colorado.

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