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Wendover Trip

Has anyone ever noticed that Wendover sounds a lot like Bendover? As in Bendover and kiss your money goodbye? I can understand why they sound so alike now. After spending the weekend at the Montego Bay, I observed how desperate people become after losing all of their life's earnings on the poker tables. Of course, Vegas is exactly the same but there's more to do down there besides gambling. I was rather disappointed with Wendover in comparison. I learned my lesson long ago about gambling after watching all those poor suckers in Vegas try to off themselves once they realized how royally fucked they really are!

All losers aside, I had fun playing nickels and getting free cocktails all night while listening to a live Jazz band. It's not Vegas though, it's definitely not Vegas. If you don't plan on gambling, don't go to Wendover as there is nothing else to do whatsoever. I spent a good portion of my trip in the Jacuzzi, watching the Oscars (which by the way I'm pissed about since no one I wanted to win got shit!) One of my companions struck lucky playing 21 and walked away with $1,100 dollars. I've got some pictures of me rolling around on the bed in all that money, true Indecent Proposal style :0)

Once I get them developed, I'll have to post a few on here. I think I'll save up my pennies for the big V next time though. Wendover is just not Vegas, I can't say it enough. I did meet some rather interesting people though. It was an eventful past couple of days :0)
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