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Cocktails for the Hip

Drink and be Merry

Cocktails and Hipsters
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Beer before liquor the shit hits you quicker.
Liquor before beer, then you are in the clear

It is Martini Time so get your Martini recipes up here.

A place to share recipes, be hip, share your love for lounge music, cocktail party successes...beverages made, music played which means we can post up a music mix for a cocktail party and share/trade with everyone. Lets share pics and ideas of clothing worn at the party, and any other advice on foods, drink, etc.

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mixcds to make great CD's for parties
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beverage_junkie A place for all kinds of drinks, coffee, tea, sodas, cocktails, etc.
retroliving for all things retro of course!

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Suggestions, comments on improvement, just let me know. I welcome all opinions. :)
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