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My most absolute favorite vodka in the world!! It's Blavod!! It's vodka,and it is black.What more can you ask for??!!
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Just like a long lost lover....Come here and let me give you some tongue you dirty bitch........
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Even though it was not a liter bottle,it was cheap,so I had to get it.I may not be able to drink it soon(because of my meds)but I still had to have it in my bar.Oh Blavod how I missed you so!!
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Blavod rocks my socks big time like a French whore on Absinthe!!
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Now,it's your turn to get some Blavod in your life!!! Go get some.And if people think that you are trying too hard to be GOTH by drinking this,tell 'em squarewave told you to buy some,and they can all go to hell.I am pointing the bottle like a cannon,so kaboooooooooooooooommm,beeeeeeeeatches!!
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Money fuckin well spent.

Now that,shall be all.

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