The Creature (frankenphrog) wrote in martini_time,
The Creature

Boozin in Oz

Hey everyone,

I just joined this community after leaving Brisbane, Australia. If you ever find yourself in Brisbane you must stop by The Bowery in Fortitude Valley. It's not hard to get to and well worth your time. It's a little jazz bar with outstanding bartenders and good prices. You walk in and there is a band playing to the right by the front window. On your left is a series of booths with tables, but the booths only go up 3 feet so everything still feels open. On the right is the bar, dark wood, surounded by brick, and immaculately well kept. They stock all the best liquor and many fine wines. A menu is provided if you don't know what you want with chapters for every liquor plus a "classics" chapter and a "Bowery Originals" chapter. They also have every accoutrement and garnish you could want. The staff is courteous and fast. You can open a tab just by leaving your credit card with the bartender. You don't have to tip in Australia, but I find it's best to leave something extra when you cash out.

My favorite drinks are martinis, gibsons, and manhattans, but after a night of drinking at The Bowery I'm going to have to start making myself Japanese Cocktails. They are superb!
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